Our ideal brand rep is someone who loves our brand, and is excited to share with others about our products. The goal with the brand rep program is reward you for sharing on your social media platform about our brand, and in return to hopefully gain new customers! 
  • Post 1X weekly on your chosen social media platform. (You can always post more, and on other platforms if you wish. The more you post, the more inclined you will be to get sales!)
  • Post 2X monthly in the DWD FaceBook Group. (We would love for these posts to be pictures in our tees, or of our tees. Please just nothing spammy See below for ideas.
  • Engage on our social media posts.
  • Help spread the word about DWD!
  • Be encouraging and help people feel welcome inside the DWD FaceBook Group!
  • Our Brand Rep program is active in quarters. Your brand rep account will expire at the next quarter, and you can always reapply if you wish. (Quarters = Jan-March, April-June, July-Sept, Oct-Dec)


  • You will get a 10% off coupon code that you can share with your followers, and you will be able to use this code on your personal purchases.  (You will have access to set this code up inside of your REP Account, once approved.)
  • Any orders placed using your code above, or referral link, earns you 5% commission in store credit on the order!  You earn this on your own orders too. (You will be able to track orders placed using your REP link or code on your REP Account!) This is all automated. DWD Will not adjust your REP account for anyone who failed to use your code or link. 
  • Shop credits earned for the month, are issued the 15th of the following month.

*DWD will terminate your brand rep account if you fail to post two weeks in a row. In the past we have had people who post once, and never again just to obtain a discount, and we are no longer dealing with this. For now on, your account will be revoked.



  • First step is to create a brand rep account here
  • Second step is wait for DWD to approve this account. Give us 24Hours to approve.
  • Third step, once you have been approved log into your brand rep account and look around. You can always access your brand rep account, by going to the bottom of our website, and clicking on "brand rep" and then "log in"
  • You can change your 10% Coupon Code that you share with friends, to any code you'd like. The program auto sets this to your name. You can change it by clicking "change coupon code"
  • You can also change your referral link by clicking on settings.
Friends who uses this code OR link earns you 5% store credit!