This cuts the sleeves off and make it a muscle tank.

This  cut creates slits in the sleeves.

This cut is exactly as it sounds. We take the crew neck and turn it into a Vneck shirt. This is a raw cut and there are no finished hems like an actual vneck shirt would have. 

This cut removes the hems off of the sleeves & waist. This gives the tee a grungy, fashion look vs a standard t-shirt look.  This cut will cause the shirt to be around 1-2" shorter. This is perfect too if you are shorter, and t-shirts tend to be longer on you.

This is a cut out at the shoulders. If you google this "Cold shoulder shirt" you will see a picture of this cut on someone. It exposes the shoulders. 
This cut is a V that is cutout at the collar of the shirt. The collar stays at the neck, but you will have a "V" Keyhole directly below. This cut is cute with a criss cross cami under the shirt. Sometimes this cut can cut into the design some.
A scoop neck cut is similar to a crew neck shirt. It holds the same U shape. The only difference is a crew neck is snug against the neck, while scoop necks are lower and have a wide U shape. These fall generally closer to the collar bone. 


This is exactly what it sounds like. The shirt will fall off a shoulder. This cut looks cute with bralettes and camis. These do have a dramatic effect.

V Slit in the collar makes a little v-cut into the collar. Please note these could be longer on side vs the other. (Not bad, but I just want to mention they will never be just perfect.)


 3slit Collar cut, puts 3 cuts under the collar to give it a grunge look. These will not be perfectly center, as they are meant to give the shirt some grunge appearance. 

Back Ribbed Slit Cut- random size slits will be made down the back of the garment. 


Sleeve slits on sweatshirts & long sleeves- these will be slightly small and will not stretch like a tee does