Please take 3 minutes to read through this. All your questions are answered here. It is very important you read.


*You must get 35 people to join the group by Monday 6PM EST or the party will be canceled. They are not worth doing with any less people. 

  • Invite friends to the group using the invite button, the more the better! - Be careful not to go too fast or facebook will block you from adding people. 
  • Share your group on your personal profile OR the better option is to share a photo of one of your tees, and tell them you'd love for them to join your party (You can tag your group in the post by doing the @typing group name)
  • Make a post in your party  & thank everyone for coming and joining in  


  • Interact during your party, participate on the post, tag friends who might like an item or if an item reminded you of someone. 
  • Help answer questions your friends have, or if you see someone not ordering the correct way, comment and help them. 
  • When someone comments and order, reply and thank them! 
  • If you can purchase during your party I recommend doing so. Out of the 100+ parties I have done, I have found when a hostess purchases and her friends see her doing so, they are more inclined to follow.


  • Can I change a design I picked? No all designs you picked are final. 
  • Can I purchase in my own party? Yes, you can purchase in your own party, and you also get the party deal just like everyone else. Your purchase also counts towards your hostess rewards. (YOU DO HAVE TO PAY FOR YOUR ORDER)
  • How do I purchase? Just like everyone else, How to order is explained n the group. There are no special rules for hostess, ALL the party guidelines apply to you as well. 

I hate I even have to type this, but here we go. In the past I have had hostess wait until the party ends at 5PM on Friday, and want to order to help boost the amount of tees sold. When I say ALL party guidelines apply to you this means EVERYTHING. If you want to order, you must do so just like everyone else, and before the party closes. You also must pay just like everyone else and before the deadline posted. I have a life outside of work too that I want to enjoy as well, and these rules are in place so there should be no confusion, and no "bending" of the rules. I always post in these parties and update you and your friends on where you are with the amount of tees sold, so there is no excuse to wait until the close of the party to order one tee to meet 5, or whatever the case may be. Please respect these rules. 

  • What are the hostess rewards? For ever 5 tees SOLD (not the freebies from the party deal) you will get $18 in store credit to use on the website. You will get these rewards on Sunday after 9AM EST once everyone has paid, and I have time to tally up the tees. These are to be used on the website, and cannot be use in parties. 
  • What happens if someone does not pay? You do not get rewards for those who claimed shirts and didn't pay for the invoice by 9AM Sunday EST. Rewards are tallied up after 9am so everyone has time to pay.
  • There are designs I didn't pick in my party.  You will see 4 designs you didn't pick in your party. Don't worry the ones you picked will be posted.