Merica - Water Bleach Light Royal Tee [WITH 3slit collar cut]




  • Make a statement with this light royal tee featuring Merica, Trump, and a fun 3slit collar cut. This comical tee is perfect for those who don't take themselves too seriously and want to add some quirkiness to their wardrobe. Show off your unique style with this Merica tee!

    Sizing: This tee is a unisex fit. Please refer to the sizing chart in the photos and compare to a tee you have that fits.
  • Distressing: Our bleached tees will vary on look/color. Every tee is handmade, and will every tee will be different. Weather will cause the bleach color to vary.
  • Raw Cuts: On the options you will see the ability to select raw cuts. Raw cuts are exactly as they sound RAW. We make these cuts ourselves. These cuts will NOT have a finished hem since they are raw. They can fray if you don't properly take care of them. No two cuts will be the same ever.